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February 3rd, 2016
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Welcome to the free online fishing log Fish Swami. Fish Swami is fishing log software (or fishing journal software) that allows you to enter detailed fishing information for each of your fishing trips in a quick and efficient manner. You can enter as little or as much information as you want in your fishing log. Once saved, your fishing logs can be searched, sorted, statistically analyzed, sent to friends, or printed.

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Printable Fishing Log Template

To help you remember your fishing trip data until you get back to a computer, you can keep a written record of your fishing trip information while you're on the water by filling out a printed version of Fish Swami's fishing log template.

Why Keep a Fishing Log?

fishing Not sure if you feel like taking the time after each fishing trip to document how many fish you caught, how you caught them, etc? While it seems daunting, often it takes just 5 minutes to fill out a complete fishing log entry. This information is valuable because Fish Swami offers multiple tools to help you analyze the data saved from your fishing logs. From your fishing logs, you can answer such questions as:

  • What fly or lure works best for me on the Big Hole River during June?
  • How many fish have I caught this year, grouped by lure or pattern?
  • What were the weather conditions like when I fished Strawberry Reservoir the past 5 years?

Without keeping a fishing log, it's easy to get frustrated with being unable to remember patterns used, water levels, weather, etc. from previous years' "great fishing days." With Fish Swami, all of your fishing log information is available 24/7 from any computer.

Here is an article on Keeping a Fishing Log for saltwater fishing by Ron Brooks.

Fishing Log Features

The following are a list of the major features currently available to Fish Swami users. If you know of a feature that would be useful for the fishing community at large, please contact Fish Swami on our Contact page.

  • Hatch Strength - Select hatch strength for each insect picked in Hatches. That way when you search for fishing logs, you can view hatch strength over time.
  • Fishing Log Calendar - A monthly calendar on your home page displays highlighted days of when you went fishing and the rating you gave to that fishing log. The calendar is linked directly to your fishing logs so you can click on a day and be taken to the fishing logs saved for that day.
  • Photo Gallery Page - All of your fishing log photos can be viewed on one page that displays the photos organized by fishing trip dates. The photo gallery is viewable by your fishing partners as well.
  • View Fishing Logs - Your fishing logs can be searched and view through this page. The fishing logs can be grouped and viewed via the fishing log calendar, by month, or by location. This makes it easy to find all of your fishing logs for a particular body of water, or in a particular month.
  • Fishing Log Comments - Each fishing log is in essence its own blog. Users can leave comments on other users' fishing logs, allowing a more in-depth discussion of the fishing trip outing. The comments are saved with the fishing log so they can be reviewed in the future.
  • Fishing Log Report Summary - A fishing log report summary tells you how many fish you've caught, how many days you've fished, your top fishing locations, top patterns, a monthly breakdown of fish catch numbers, and more. View a sample fishing log report summary page.
  • Fishing Log Empirical Analysis System - The second of two ways to analyze your fishing log data. This is a sophisticated tool that allows you to query your fishing log data to find interesting trends, such as:
    • What fly or lure works best for me on the Big Hole River during June?
    • How many fish have I caught this year, grouped by lure or pattern?
    • What were the weather conditions like when I fished Strawberry Reservoir the past 5 years?
  • My Fishing Partners - You can view each of your fishing partner's information from one page. From this page you can also view all of your fishing partner's protected and public fishing logs as well as their photo gallery page.
  • Public Fish Catch Totals - Anonymous statistics are displayed on users' home pages showing the number of fish caught in the current month for each fish species.
  • Message Center - Users can send messages to other Fish Swami users from the Message Center. When the message is sent, an e-mail notification is sent to the user alerting them that they have new messages.
  • Fish Swami Message Board - A message board is provided to allow users to discuss fishing topics in more detail.
  • Fish Swami Blog - The Fish Swami Blog is updated periodically with content including: fly tying recipes, fishing techniques for moving and still waters, interesting findings from using the Fishing Log Emprical Analysis System, tips for keeping fishing logs, photo blogs, and much more.
  • Download Fishing Logs - Fishing logs can be sent to users after they save them. It is now possible to also have all of your Fish Swami fishing logs emailed to you.
  • Print Fishing Logs - Fishing logs can be printed using the icon at the top right of the fishing log.
  • E-mail Fishing Logs - Fishing logs can be e-mailed to up to 5 users by clicking on the e-mail icon at the top right of the fishing log.
  • Printable Fishing Log Template - A printable version of the fishing log template can be found here, allowing users to save hard-to-remember data in the field.
  • Sun/Moon Information - Sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, and moon phase are calculated automatically for fishing logs that specify GPS waypoints in them.
  • Weather - Weather information is provided on the home page for United States users.

Your Fishing Partner Network

A powerful feature of Fish Swami is the ability to share your fishing logs with those you wish to share them with. When you save a fishing log entry, you specify whether it is private (viewable only by you), protected (viewable only by people you give permission to (your fishing partners)), or public (viewable by all). This allows you to share individual fishing logs with your fishing partners, with the world at large, or with no one at all.

With each of your fishing partners, you are able to:

  • View your partner's protected fishing logs
  • Receive email updates from Fish Swami when your fishing partner enters in a new fishing log
  • Setup each of your fishing partners to receive update emails from Fish Swami whenever you enter in a new fishing log

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